Ground rules

Someone has pointed out that I should clarify a few issues, if this blog is to work as a forum.

1. Writing exercises. Feel free to suggest exercises for the benefit of others. If they are your own original exercises, say so. If you got them from somewhere else, make sure you (and I) won’t be breaching copyright or annoying anyone if you post them here. I imagine most teachers won’t mind having one of their exercises cited occasionally, if you acknowledge them (and encourage other users of this blog to buy their books). A link to their book or blog would be helpful. But please don’t get us into trouble by posting material without appropriate permission.

If you use an exercise you found on this blog, for example in your own teaching, please do acknowledge the person who posted it. And if you’d like to encourage your students to visit this blog and join the conversation here, they’d be very welcome!

2. Your own writing. You’ll notice I’m not posting examples of my own writing, even my own responses to the challenge exercises. This is because many competitions and journals frown on material that’s already been published elsewhere, including on writers’ forums or blogs. If you do want to post samples of your own writing as “Comments”, feel free, but be aware of that reality.

That’s it – short post tonight! Let me know if you’re finding the posts a bit long – I can always break them into installments if that will give you a better blog-reading experience 🙂 Happy writing!


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