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Queensland Writers Centre periodically offers a ‘Rabbithole’ – a weekend where you pack up your notebook/computer/clay tablet or whatever you write on, head in to QWC headquarters, sit round a nice big table in air-conditioned comfort with a bunch of other writers – and write! I love the studious atmosphere, the sense of support, and the general feeling that writing is a valuable activity to which it is entirely legitimate to devote uninterrupted time – loads of it.

This weekend I wasn’t able to score a seat at the table, so I took myself off to lovely lively Grange Library and participated from a distance. The event gives you permission to shirk all other responsibilities and social commitments, and just write. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world – you can link in via Facebook, and enjoy a sense of connection with other writers while you get on with manifesting the people in your head.

I managed about 10,000 words on a new MS, and a detailed outline of the story. As an inveterate plotter, I was thrilled with the experience of writing 10,000 words by ‘pantsing’ (writing by the seat of your pants, without a plan to follow).

Can thoroughly recommend the Rabbithole as a way to stop procrastinating and put your Work In Progress first. Most of us, in our busy lives, seem to need that permission and encouragement. Many thanks, QWC!



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What Are We Talking About Here?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little frustrated by the number of books and courses that promise to teach me all about writing fiction – then only cover very basic, elementary stuff like “Where to find ideas”, “What is Point Of View?”, and “Rules of punctuation”. I’m interested in the techniques by which good writers create a relationship with the reader, and manipulate the reading experience. A good writer knows what she wants me, the reader, to think and feel, and she engineers her writing to have the intended impact. As an emerging writer, I want to learn to do that.

So, this blog is intended as a forum for readers and writers to share their insights into specific techniques of fiction-craft. I might be fumbling around, especially at first, but I’m going to try to identify particular techniques in works that I read, and share them here. I’ll also suggest writing exercises to hone those specific skills. Please feel free to do the same, using the Comments function. My vision is a kind of “writers’ gym” – a bunch of us flexing different muscles, lifting literary weights and swapping stories about what’s working for us. It could get a bit chaotic, but it should be fun – care to join in?

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